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Our Mission

To End Social Isolation

We connect isolated individuals with professional and personal support networks.

About Us

Starting as an LLC, now transitioning to a 501.C.3 non-profit organization, the Center for Empathy Education provides services that deepen our clients' engagement with empathy.
3500 $

Capital raised

4 years

Since founding

120 +

Users Served

5 +

Institutions served

Our For-Profit Past

How CEE came to be

The Center for Empathy Education initially incorporated as a Pennsylvania LLC. We provided empathy-centered professional development to industry members. We were members of the Big Idea Center's Blast Furnace Accelerator in 2020 and of AscenderPGH's incubator in the 2020-2021 cohort. Now we're reestablishing as a Delaware C corporation in order to pursue 501.C.3 status as a federally recognized nonprofit organization.

Our Values

These are the characteristics we aim to embody. We believe that engaging these traits as an organization helps us to provide high quality services to isolated individuals.


This trait defines our members: their ability to understand the emotional states of others is integral to their participation in the program.


By coming together, our members create a vibrant, supportive atmosphere where we can have challenging conversations about difficult topics.


Everyone gives and receives support. All of our users learn how to provide peer support to each other and support to their personal networks.


We talk about mental health without the shame and stigma. Through participating in this community, members open their minds and hearts to healing.

The CEE Team

Our dedicated professionals are excited to connect with you.


Samantha Watkins


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